Amada Senior Care Case Study

Read our case study below that highlights how we boosted business for Amada Senior Care and their franchise network of care services for seniors. We simultaneously updated their territory mapping software and created a plan for all the possible territories across the United States.

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The client

Amada Senior Care was founded by college friends Tafa Jefferson and Chad Fotheringham in 2007. They both have a deep passion for care and have built a successful franchise with over 100 locations across the United States.

The business provides a wide range of services from in-home care, home monitoring and advising for senior house options. The goal is to help seniors thrive and live independently in their own homes. The business grows using the franchise business model.

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The challenge

Amada Senior Care is growing strong across the country but as with many franchises was beginning to feel the burden of scaling some aspects of the business. In particular, managing territories was becoming very difficult. Territories were being mapped out ad hoc using old software that was very difficult to use. Each territory took a long time to make and the software was so difficult to use that only one or two people in the business knew how to use it. It was time to search for a new solution that would match the aspirations of the business and free up valuable time to work on other high-level projects

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Key problems being faced

  • Difficult mapping software made it hard to make territory changes
  • It took a long time to turn around territory queries
  • It was becoming difficult to fill gaps around and in between existing territories

The solution

Amada Senior Care chose Atlas Mapping to simultaneously update their territory mapping software and to create a plan for all of the possible territories across the United States.

Each territory was created to reach a target number of the senior population, work with the road network and topography, and also take into account the already sold areas. This approach made sure that every territory offers a viable opportunity to franchisees and utilises all of the remaining space.

Once the network was approved, they were all uploaded into Vision and the team was trained on how to use the software. Now, whenever a franchise enquiry is received, the head office just needs to search for the area in Vision and share the available territories with the prospect. With hundreds of territories pre-planned the Amada Senior Care team can focus on continuing to build the network and have plenty of opportunities available to sell.

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Rafael Mejia from the ops team had this to say...

"At Amada we were struggling really hard with building territories for new prospects and keeping all the key information in place for our current franchise partners. Vision was the software we were dreaming of. It definitely streamlined our process thanks to their fast, comprehensive, reliable, and easy to manage software. Thanks to their support we don't need a specialized 24/7territory person in our team as everyone can easily manage the mapping system."