Private Equity Case Study

This case demonstrates how we were able to use Vision to establish a consistent approach to markets for a leading Private Equity firm. This enabled all stakeholders to see the big picture and gave them the insight they needed to make better-informed decisions to accelerate growth.


The client

Our client is a specialist private equity firm providing investment capital, strategic insight, and sector-specific expertise to leading UK companies. They invest in private mid-market companies that have the potential for growth. Their current portfolio of companies has more than 7,250 employees and combined revenues of more than £1.2 billion.

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The challenge

Our client wanted to substantially increase the number of branches in their network by both acquisitions and new branch openings.

However, identifying the right locations was time-consuming and, to compound the problem, there was no standardised data-driven approach to enable faster decision-making. This was leading to long lead times as all the necessary information was gathered. The whole process needed to be speeded up. And fast.

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Key problems being faced

  • Taking too long to identify locations for new branches
  • Lack of a standardised data-driven approach
  • As a result, decision-making was holding up business development

The solution

First, we conducted a performance analysis of the business to define what made a successful branch for our client in terms of demographics, potential customers, and competition.

After sharing our findings with the client, we agreed on the minimum market size required for a viable branch. This included identifying customer drive times from branches and average delivery distances.

We considered the value and impact of key accounts to ensure they didn’t skew results, and also to indicate the “low hanging fruit” locations.

In this way, we were able to establish a network of markets, with every opportunity for the business across the UK evaluated and clearly displayed.

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The results

  • New network clearly shows the opportunity for every business across the UK
  • With all markets graded on demographic, customer and competitor composition, the value of each was clear
  • Vision enabled all key stakeholders to view the data on a Google Map
  • The new scalable network enables better-informed decision-making and faster growth
  • Having a consistent easy-to-understand approach has improved the company culture